Should you be seeking a retreat in Sydney, Seal Rocks, located near Forster, offers an irresistible allure that you'll find difficult to depart from.

Seal Rocks, along with its neighbouring Bluey's Beach, nestled in the Great Lakes, represent two extraordinary beaches that effortlessly secure a spot in our top 5 beaches in NSW. In fact, we dare to claim it as one of the premier beaches in all of Australia.

The allure of this locale primarily lies in its pristine surfing beaches - acknowledged for being a significant surfing hotspot, its importance as a diving location, the nearby Myall Lakes National Park, and most prominently, the remarkably stunning Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse, which stands atop an imposing cliff, overlooks a pure, untouched beach and now provides lodging in the refurbished quarters of the former Lighthouse Keeper.

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