Meet The Maker - A New Perspective

“Reimagining the appearance of familiar places.”

Who are we ?

Through Our Lens, a landscape photography duo based in Sydney, Australia. These aren't your average travel snaps, though - they're carefully crafted vistas that can transform any wall of your house into an eye-catching feature. Their original photographic print collections feature the finest of Australian coastal areas and other sought-after travel destinations.

Edgars and Norah are the husband-and-wife duo behind the lens, two 21st-century voyagers who met back in 2014 during their first year of university. With their diverse backgrounds in business, design and architecture along with complementary skillsets, their partnership both personal and professional was a natural development.

Our Creative Process

For landscape photographers, a certain level of planning will always be a necessity. Being at the mercy of natural light and other elements like wind and cloud cover, it can be tricky to ensure you’re in the right spot at the right time to capture that perfect shot. But thanks to modern technology, Edgar and Norah don’t have to leave things up to chance. “We use advanced applications like Sky Candy, designed to demonstrate the direction of sunlight during an allocated time of day,” Edgar explains. “Based on the location of the shoot, this will help us determine the time in which the shoot will take place.” 
After photos are taken, the pair comb through for the best selections, which are adjusted and enhanced through the post-production process. This sometimes can mean that only 1 in 500 photos will make the final cut and get on their site. "Sometimes we happen to visit a given location 2-4 times before getting a capture we are happy with" says Edgar. Then the final images are printed and framed, ready for display at many annual markets.

The pair’s passion for the ocean is on clear display in their work. But what else inspires them? “A big part of our inspiration comes from spending a lot of time in any given place and learning what makes it special for people who live there.” Edgar says.

“It always excites us to see how passionate people are about some locations, especially if they have met there, or lived there for a long time. It brings joy to know that in some way we can let people to reflect on their memories through our artworks”

So what’s coming up in future for Through Our Lens? While the pair mainly operate around the iconic coastlines of NSW at the moment, they’re looking forward to expanding their reach to other Australian states. But no matter where they end up, they will certainly have their camera by their side ready to make a new addition to their artwork collection.


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