Simple & Clean Artwork

So you're trying to keep the rooms clean and simple but would like to add a slight touch of colour to them? With our range of Minimalistic artworks, many prints can satisfy that itch.

What makes a print minimalist?

For an artwork to be considered minimalistic, it boils down to having the absence of complexity. There are a few characteristics that aid in making a minimalistic photograph.

Negative Space. 

This is the space in the photograph that doesn't have any subjects in it, and yet it dictates the overall mood of the photo. In many of our minimalistic photos, we have used the natural water patterns as the negative space.


Leading lines provide the photo with a flow of movement and can define the scale, distance and isolation of the subject as well as the negative space. 


Strict and repetitive patterns like umbrellas on the beach or wave distances can work similarly to negative space as they don't act like the main subject of the artwork but rather help it stand out. 


best friend in the harmonious colours, natural textures, open-plan spatial arrangements, neat and straight components, clean finishes

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