Choosing The Perfect Large Wall Art Piece.

Extra Large Framed Manly Beach, Northern Beaches Artwork.

The plain walls of your living room are boring you, and you have finally decided that a large art piece might do the trick. But here comes the big decision-making; Where do you even get a large artwork? How big should it even be?

Wall arts make homes look dynamic and give a finishing touch to the place. Apart from this, wall art can create a stunning focal point for visitors whenever they walk into the room. Their eyes are instantly directed to your extra-large wall art and the beauty it portrays. Not just that, wall art can add character to any part of your home; the living room, dining room, walkway, and even bedrooms.

However, it is important to choose the perfect large wall art piece for your home, and this post will guide you through everything you need to know to choose a wall art and hang it in the perfect spot.

What is the largest size available for framed artwork?

Bronte and Bondi Large Black Framed Coastal Artworks in an Interior

When purchasing a large artwork, you must also consider the sizes they come in. Commonly the most limiting factor is the available photo paper size and skilled craftsmen that can actually make the extra large frames.

Unframed Prints And Stretched Canvases

Our unframed prints start from A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm) and commonly are made up to B1 (70 x 100cm). However, some artworks we can print up to 100 x 150 cm on special request. Please send us an email if you're after a custom size.

Framed Artworks

All framed artworks are made up to 85 x 120 cm as the standard size. However, this doesn't include custom-sized framed artwork that can be made up to 100 x 150cm.

Get The Best Large Framed Artwork

Coastal Large Gallery Wall

One thing about handmade products is that a lot of dedication and detail goes into them. Not only is the material used of the highest quality, but there is a unique look and feel that your framed artwork will carry. We are also a proud Australian business and all of our framed art pieces are made locally and from sustainably sourced materials.

Preview the artwork in your home (for Free!)

If you're still unsure about the best fit for your room we offer a complimentary mock-up service. You can instantly visualize how your artwork will look in the room of choice. All you need is to send us a photo with your room and your favourite artwork, and then we'll mock-up of how the artwork would look in your home.

Pro TIp.

For the mock-up to be effective we suggest including the furniture pieces in the photo as this would provide us with a sense of scale and the direction of light.

How Big Should Wall Art Be?

Extra Large Northern Beaches Framed Artworks

Another dilemma you will face is determining the size of your wall art. Should I go for oversized wall art? Or just a simple large wall art? Well, here are a few factors to put in mind when choosing your wall art.

Consider the space

The bigger the space, the better the artwork will fit. Hanging a large art wall enhances the space and creates a focal point that draws your visitor's eye.

The wall art should take up 60 to 70% of the wall space that isn't covered by furniture. For example, if you have a wall that is 8ft tall and 4ft wide, then the size of your wall art should be 4.8 - 6ft high and 2.4 - 3ft wide.

Consider viewing distance

The viewing distance is the next thing to consider when hanging your artwork. Is there enough space for people to stand back and admire the art? Just like when enjoying your favourite TV series from a comfortable distance so that your eyes don't get sore same would apply when enjoying an art piece. For an extra large framed artwork (85 x 120 cm) the optimal viewing distance would be in about 2 meters. Therefore, it would be a good fit in the staircase feature walls or end of a long room.

How To Hang Large Wall Art?

Extra Large Oak Framed Artwork of Mona Vale Rock Pool

After getting a wall art, you have to decide on the perfect place to hang it to ensure that it complements the overall look of your room and that all eyes fall on the gorgeous art once they walk into your room.

For our extra large wall art pieces, we advise using at least 2 wall scerws as this will provide the best support for the piece and avoid any damage in the long term to the frame.

Hire A Carpenter

If the hubby doesn't feel up to the job then it would be wise to outsorce this task to someone with a bit more skills. We would suggest using Airtasker as this would ensure you find a local talent that won't have a hefty call-out fee and will likely be more readily available to assist you.

For hanging service, the fees might change dramatically depending on who you talk to. If you currently have tradespeople in your house doing another job it would be wise to just ask them. Alternatively, if you hire elsewhere it could cost anywhere from $70 - $150 for just the hanging of the piece.

Follow The Simple Art-handing Rules

In the ideal world, the general rule of thumb is that the artwork should occupy 3/4 of the furniture piece it is located above. So, for example, if you hang your artwork above a console, then the artwork should be 3/4 (75%) of the console width. That way, there will be a levelling out of the two pieces, creating a neutral and natural view for the eyes.

In addition, if you are handing your art above furniture, ensure it is four to six inches above the furniture, or rather go for a more casual look by putting the art on the furniture and leaning it against the wall.

Another thing to consider when hanging your art print is its height above the ground. The general rules advise that your art's central point should be at the same level as the eyes of an average human's height; that is, about 1.5m above the ground.

Artworks We Can Make In Large Sizes

You will not be left alone figuring out the artwork that will be perfect for your home. . You have to check out our favourite artworks to make in large sizes. Here are a few artworks we can make in large sizes that we believe will light up your room and create a stunning view

Wrapping Up

Nothing should stop you from getting the best artwork to complement your room and hanging it in the perfect place. Contact us to ensure you get the perfect piece for your room, and we will work with you to get your dream art piece. Besides, you can purchase some of our large-frame artwork right now!

If you are still unsure about the best fit, send us an email attaching a picture of your art and room, and we will help you visualize how it will look at strategic parts of your room!

So, good luck with hanging your wall art! I am sure it will look stunning!