Coastal Wall Art: 5+ Stunning Pieces That Will Grace Your Home (plus additional hanging tips)

Coastal wall arts are the go-to piece to introduce a cool, relaxing, beachy feeling into your home. These arts can engulf your space with the amazing oceans of mother nature, creating a nostalgic longing for the beach. It is the final piece that creates a natural and organic synchronization between every element and furniture in your room.

The importance of coastal wall art in a room cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes, what your room is missing, that imbalance you can't figure out is a need for a coastal wall art. Therefore, we will take a close look at some of the finest coastal wall art you can purchase and adorn your room with. And where else is the perfect place to get coastal wall art if it isn't Through Our Lens Website? Over the years we have captured the mesmerizing beaches that are offered by our beautiful Australian coastlines.

We've carefully selected these wall arts because of the nostalgic feeling they evoke and the amount of detailing and dedication that went into their creation. We can't all own a beach house or live near the ocean, but we can surely bring the ocean and its relaxing sensation into our homes.

If you are wondering where to get the perfect coastal wall prints that will complement your design theme and lit up your rooms, you are in the right place!

Why You Need A Coastal Wall Art In Your Home

Large Manly Beach Coastal Artwork in a Coastal Living Room Decor.

Creates a cool and vibrant ocean look: What most of us long for in the hot, long, and draining summer is the soft cool ocean sand caressing our feet, the tuned voice of the ocean making melodies to our ears and playing with our family and friends on the sandy shore. However, we do not have the luxury of getting away to the cool Aussie beaches every time, but coastal wall art can introduce that fun and beachy vibes into our homes every day.

Introduces a natural and organic feeling: Amid finely finished furniture, stunning lights and waxed floors, well-framed coastal wall decor is perfect for introducing an organic feeling into the room. It brings mother nature near and keeps the environment serene. To crown the natural look, we ensured each coastal wall art was handmade with the best natural timber possible.

5+ Stunning Coastal Wall Arts That Will Transform Your Space

Although there are tons of beautiful coastal wall art to decorate your home, each piece of art is suitable for different design themes. Knowing how to pick the right coastal wall art for your home can greatly impact the overall look and feel. You can check out our library of coastal wall arts, carefully designed to portray freedom, nature and beauty. I am sure you will find the perfect match.


Byron Bay Living Oak Framed Wall Art

Nothing seems more appealing than staring at the blue waves of the ocean beating against the rock as the air blows through your being. Although you cannot experience it physically, the Byron Living art print captures that moment and brings it to your room. This high-quality Byron art print is a print exclusively photographed by Through Our Lens at Byron Bay, Australia. This piece can be the perfect focal point for a living room area, just above the sofa.


If you love surfing, this great Surf Session art print will be perfect for preserving your surfing experience. The coastal art wall art captures a rare moment of surfers enjoying the tranquil waters of Bay beach before bracing up to go for an adventure amidst the roaring waves. Surf Session Art Print is the perfect fit to remind you of refreshing holidays that will bring fun to you and your family. The light blues will fit perfectly for a Hampton-themed design or a room filled with neutral colours.


Coogee Beach Artwork in a White Frame

Nothing beats the feeling of getting away from the busy city and sitting in the tranquil and refreshing beach atmosphere, and the Salty Coogee wall art captures that moment. The earthly look of the oceans and rocks calls unto you and your visitors to prioritize vacation and relaxation., in contrast to the skyscrapers of the busy Syndey city. Salty Coogee is perfect for any part of the home and comes in different sizes ranging from extra large to small. Want it framed or unframed? No problem, we got you covered.


Black Framed Artwork of Mahon Rock Pool in Maroubra next to a cozy pastel lounge chair

If you've ever been to Maroubra Beach in Australia, you will agree that the view is breathtaking. If you're not, Top Down Mahon Art Print is a testament. It captures the stunning, naturally secluded Mahon Rock Pool and the crashing ocean. Top Down Mahon art print is perfect if you want a vibrant coastal print to light up the room. To ensure that Top Down Mahon Art Print shines, it will be best in large sizes against a neutral-coloured wall.


Bindi Beach Icebergs Rock Pool Living Room Display with a large cozy sofa and lounge chair

Icebergs Hustle art print will create a feeling of freedom and fresh adventure in your home. Exclusively captured by Through Our Lens, this clear and attractive picture of the popular Bondi Icebergs Pool is enough to get you and your visitors in the mood for adventure!


This Art Print has a chilly, adventurous feeling to it. The sharp contrast between the brownish decaying metal of the ships and the blue ocean waters creates an entire historical story that needs to be told. The Wrecks Art Print introduces a sense of adventure and curiosity into your space.

That's not all! There are a lot of coastal Wall Prints that will grace your room in our library. These art wall prints were exclusively photographed by Through Our Lens to give you optimum originality.

Hanging Tips To Keep In Mind

It is one thing to get a stunning coastal wall print and another to hang it right. When you are thinking of hanging a Through Our Lense Art Piece, you should put these rules of thumbs in mind

  1. Space matters: Before you hang any artwork, consider the space. Ideally, your wall decor should take up at least 60 to 70% of the wall space not occupied by furniture. For example, an 8ft tall and 4ft wide will be ideal for a 4.8 - 6ft high art wall. Remember, the bigger the walls, the bigger the art wall decor.

  2. Consider the furniture: If you are hanging an artwork above the furniture, the general rule of thumb is that your art wall must be at most 3/4 size of the furniture or console you are hanging the print above.

  3. Height above ground level: The central point of the artwork should be at the same level as the eyes of an average human being, which is approximately 1.5m above the ground. However, the height of the wall can influence the overall height.

Find The Perfect Coastal Art Piece For Your Home

It is a fact that coastal art pieces are the perfect wall art if you want a vibrant and adventurous look in your rooms. If you are confused or sceptical about the coast art piece that will fit your home, you should check out the gallery. There are various coastal art prints, and you will find the perfect match for your space!

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