A Local flavour to the plain office walls

The Benefits Behind Office Artwork

Have you ever wondered why companies display office artwork? As it turns out, there’s more to the story than beauty alone. Here are a few interesting reasons to consider tasteful decoration for your business.

Build a Brand

When it comes to company culture, branding is everything. Who you are, how you operate and what you value are yours to define. So why not take things a step further with visual reinforcements? The walls of a workplace reflect company culture with subtle cues or bold décor. Foster a sense of deliberate identity with bespoke office artwork of your choosing.
Another angle to consider is branding as acceptance. Many companies include areas open to the general public that are neutral by default. If spaces are perceived as warm and welcoming, clients, patients and staff feel more at ease. Branding can be as specific or universal as you’d like; ultimately, it’s the content that counts.

Relieve Stress

Like it or not, certain businesses are practical yet unpleasant destinations. It’s true that healthcare providers are often caring people with the best of intentions, though patients may still feel unsettled about upcoming appointments. So, where does office wall art come in?Patients may not pay close attention to office interiors even though visuals, including wall art, help set the tone. Soothing shades and restful imagery conjure up feelings of peace and relaxation. Instead of adding to a patient’s anxiety, office artwork is more likely to calm their nerves. Something as simple as a relaxing scene or beautiful image serves a secondary purpose.

Celebrate Place

Another reason businesses display office artwork is to celebrate place. (In fact, location is so closely linked to identity that this concept overlaps branding.) Many businesses are similar in nature that they may even look identical. For all intents and purposes, the best way to separate one business from another is to zero in on specifics.
Are you still unsure how art fits location? In this case, celebrating place using local photography or artwork connects people to their roots. Patients or clients feel more at ease in a familiar setting (i.e. surrounded by local landscapes) than in an empty room. Displaying photos from the area helps people feel welcome and a part of the local community.
Communicate Authenticity
It’s no secret that art is an expressive tool used to convey authenticity. Even if artistry isn’t one of your talents, that’s not to say you can’t use it to your advantage. Let office artwork showcase who you are as a person beyond your profession since building trust begins with humanity. Have you ever been in an office with distinctly corporate imagery? Maybe the paintings were like a hundred you’d seen before in other identical settings. Corporate art has the power to be completely authentic if used correctly. If you’re interested in learning how to mix art with business, we’d love to show you the way.

Stay Connected

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